M-Concept - Marketing Agency
  • About Us

    Our journey started with the establishment of our company 11 years ago in Colombia, the country where we are originally from. We, Andres and Liliana, married in 2004, both professionals in marketing and advertising, ran a private marketing agency for four years. Our desire to grow our business was delayed by the motivation to extent our family and secure a better future and life style for us. It was because of this that we decided to move to Australia, since then we don’t regret a single minute!

    We have gained Australian experience working in different industries, markets and a variety of companies and what most appealed to our family was the way of life, a great place to raise our two children. We never lost sight of our goal to start our marketing agency in Australia. Since our arrival in 2005, we have worked as free-lance contractors, and initially we did focusing on marketing and graphic design, ranging from Mining Corporations, to the self-employed. With the increasing number of contracts signed-off, we now feel it's the right time to fulfil the goals we had set for ourselves, becoming more frequent in free-lance contracts It’s how we have in the last four years decided to run again our own company “M-Concept”, helping people to find the right marketing tools for their businesses.