M-Concept - Marketing Agency
  • Digital Marketing

    Web design

    Online presence is essential in this everyday more digitalized world, web design is a key tool to communicate, showcase and spread out your message via responsive websites able to function on computers, tablets, smart phones and mobile devices.

    Visitors to your website want to be able to navigate around with ease, and explore everything you have to offer with great simplicity. If your design is chaotic and difficult to get to grips with, visitors can easily be put off and instead visit your competitors.

    At M-Concept we help will stream line the chaos that is either your current website or just the thousands of ideas you have in your head, in order to best present your company and its services. Whether you want to control, manage and update the content yourself through a CMS (Content Management System) platform, implement a shopping cart and sell products online via E-commerce website or simply have a static website brochure to showcase what you do and how people can get in touch with you, at M-concept we are capable to create a solution for you!

  • 2D Animation
    Sometimes you need to display and sell a concept to your customer and a simple power point presentation is not enough, at M-Concept we can help and develop your idea into an inexpensive but yet animated 2D presentation proposal with sufficient movement, graphics, music and voice over for real impact!
  • 3D Animation

    A real process that many times can’t be displayed for the nature of its complexity, it can be recreated through 3D software to add moving objects, optical effects, simulation of realistic lighting, shadows, colours and textures to showcase impressive and almost realistic concepts. At M-Concept, we have successfully developed professional 3D animations for our clients and yet affordable for small businesses. Contact us for your next 3D project and we can discuss and adjust to your budget.

  • Social Media Management

    With the increase of digital marketing and communications, social media plays an important role in your marketing strategy to mainly create traffic and generate leads.

    However, it could be used as a simple channel to increase brand awareness and presence or to drive customers to action, leads and sales. Social media efforts are easily trackable and measurable that you can review your goals’ performance and adapt or change quickly when it’s required. M-Concept can build, maintain and manage your social media profiles!