M-Concept - Marketing Agency
  • Marketing Strategy

    Brand Management

    Brand Management is one of the most important parts of business growth. As brands are perceived, it’s pivotal that the perceptions of your audience continue to be guided as your business grows and changes. At M-Concept we measure and analyse your brand’s value indicators and their impact on your businesses development.

    With this brand data we can then maintain, update and tweak various strategies, processes and elements of your brand in order to meet your businesses objectives.

    Whether you are looking to maintain, rebrand or increase your brand reputation, we can help!

  • Brand Identity
    This is how you want your customers or potentials to perceive your brand. We utilise visible brand elements to identify and differentiate your brand from the competition and remain top of mind in the consumers’ mind. Reflecting mental images though colours, design, logotype, name, typeface, symbols amongst others play an important part of your brand to create a clear brand differentiation from your competitors.
  • Branding Consistency

    Your brand message, graphics and overall strategy should remain consistent across all your marketing channels; you want customers and potentials to recognize you wherever and whenever they meet you! M-Concept can help to build and keep this type of consistency throughout your marketing collateral both digital and traditional.

  • Marketing Research

    Invaluable insights from customer’s perspective may help you to identify, define, evaluate and understand marketing opportunities and how your customer behaves. This type of data collection and analysis of consumer information about consumers and market niches can help measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, M-Concept can help to disseminate this information through quantitative and qualitative reports.